The essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions. – Donald Calne

We partner with organizations that have a mutual and direct alignment of objectives and causes they care about. With our different tracks, there are many ways to engage with DSF whether it is by funding a specific program or developing a new curriculum based on your industry experience. Reach out below to learn how we can work together.

Epicure Academy

Students learn about cultures through food and language in AISD school districts.

Culinary Arts at Eanes ISD

Summer Camps

Various STEAM immersion camps can be brought to kids anywhere. These programs make STEAM learning fun and interactive.

Epicure Academy

Help more students gain cultural literacy through the study of food and language.

Principles of Health Sciennce

Help more students learn the science behind healthy living.


Help students prepare for real life and gain certification through the study of Biotechnology.

Criminal Justice

Help students prepare for real life and gain skills in the Criminal Justice industry through a series of Criminal Justice courses.

Reducing Recidivism 

A multi media course that helps reduce recidivism for juveniles held on substance abuse charges.

Substance Abuse

A multi media course that educates juveniles about drugs and how to live without them.

Mental Health

A multi media course that helps individuals, and the families of those individuals, suffering from mental health issues.

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